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Property Management Services

F. J. Zam Company specializes in leak repair and waterproofing maintenance.  Property Managers, Building Owners, and Building Engineers trust F. J. Zam Company for quality installations and dependable service.  We have been serving Southern California since 1976.

New Construction Contracting

F. J. Zam Company offers a full range of Specialty Construction Services such as Caulking and Sealants, Air Barriers, Flexible Flashings, Deck Coatings, Below Grade and Split Slab Waterproofing, Wall Coatings, and Epoxy Injections.

Request a Bid

To request a bid for your next project simply click this link and fill out a Bid Request form.  We will contact you immediately to discuss your needs.  F. J. Zam Company can expedite the bidding process with the most efficient on-line technologies for all of your requirements.

Why Choose Us?

F. J. Zam Company brings our commitment of quality to every project, large or small.
When you need a reliable and dependable contractor that cares, choose F.J. Zam Company.
F.J. Zam Company is the single source to be responsible for all types of Sealants, Waterproofing and Air Barriers on your next project.
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